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Precautions before using new electric hoist

Apr. 18, 2024

Electric hoists are small in size, light in weight, simple to operate, and easy to use. They are used in industrial and mining enterprises, warehousing, and docks. Many customers don’t know what to pay attention to after purchasing an electric hoist.

Lieying DHP Electric Hoist

The following editor will tell you some things to note before using the new electric hoist:

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After purchasing an electric chain hoist, we must carefully read the instruction manual of the electric hoist. The instruction manual contains detailed information about the electric hoist, including operating methods, precautions, etc. When using an electric hoist, after the motor is connected, we have a phase sequence protector and the motor does not move. We need to reverse the phase sequence, that is, replace the wiring of two wires with three wires at will. After installing the industrial electric hoist according to the steps, you need to conduct a test run. Jog close to the limit switch, and then make sure the limit switch is flexible to ensure that the limit is not stuck.

The lifting chain of single and double speed electric hoists also needs to be oiled before it can be used. When using a marine electric hoist, we must ensure that the working environment is clean and tidy, and that the work area must have enough space to ensure that the operation of the electric hoist is not restricted. When using a hook-type electric hoist, an electric hoist of appropriate tonnage must be selected based on the weight and size of the lifted object. Overloading is not allowed and must be ensured to be within the load-bearing range of the electric hoist.


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