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Can a 2-ton hand chain hoist lift 2-ton cargo?

Apr. 18, 2024

A hand chain hoist is a tool used to lift goods. In the industrial field, it is widely used in various occasions, such as factories, docks, warehouses, etc. The use of a hand chain hoist is relatively simple, and one person can complete the lifting work. So can a 2-ton chain hoist be used to lift 2 tons of goods?


Let’s take a closer look:

Let’s first understand the working principle of the upside-down hand chain hoist. The manual hoist is driven by manpower. It has a simple structure and is composed of lifting chains, hooks, gears and other parts. When running, by pulling the chain, the bracelet The wheel starts to rotate, driving the lifting chain and gears to realize operations such as rising and falling of goods.

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According to experience, under normal circumstances, a 2-ton hand chain hoist can be used to lift 2 tons of goods. However, the friction of the goods and the wear and tear of the lifting chain will affect the carrying capacity of the single-chain hand chain hoist. Therefore, When lifting 2 tons of goods, 3 tons of hand chain hoists are often used.

When we use chain hoists, we must pay attention to the balance of the goods to avoid tilt or instability. It should be used according to the correct operating methods and regular maintenance and repair work should be done on the hand chain hoist.

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