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Who made the kids picture show?

My son is 2.5 and currently obsessed with Kids Picture Show videos on YouTube. I happened to see an ad for this book while watching one of their videos recently, and was so excited to find it on Amazon. This book is so cute and looks exactly like the video. I really wish the animals version was available to order, and not just an eBook. As soon as he saw this he FREAKED out and has been carrying it around everywhere ever since. This has helped him learn all of his vehicles and helps with color recognition, too (and let’s face it, as a single Mama this has been extremely helpful for me!! I know all of *MY* vehicles now 🤣). It’s simple but awesome. Highly recommend it, even if you haven’t seen the show!

** UPDATE: I think it’s important to point out that he has a significant speech delay. Thanks to Kids Picture Show, he’s learning so many new words and phrases!

Hope this helps. 💙

About Us

The Kids' Picture Show is the husband and wife team of Steve and Chieri DeGregorio. Steve has a science degree and also worked for many years as an English as a Second Language teacher. Chieri has an engineering background.

We started our YouTube channel for our son who has severe autism. He is minimally verbal and he didn't respond to the majority of content that's usually popular with young children, such as nursery rhymes and cartoons. That type of content has too much stimulation and is too loud, busy, and complicated to appeal to many kids on the autism spectrum. For our content, we simplify everything as much as possible and use simple, clear language to teach basic concepts in language and math. We even have anecdotal reports from parents that speech therapists have commented that their kids are learning to speak through our videos. Our goal provide quality educational content for children that is accessible to anyone.

Who made the kids picture show?

The Kids' Picture Show


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