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What Are The Benefits of Using Induction Pipe Bending Machine?

Jul. 21, 2023






Induction bending is a method of locally heating a pipe to a desired radius and angle by using high or medium-frequency induction power. This process is fully automatic and precisely controlled.







Induction bending offers the following benefits:



Can bend different shape pipe & beam: Square & Rectangle and I & L-Beams


Can bend pipes and beams in different materials: Carbon & Alloy steel, Stainless steel


Can bend different types of pipes: Seamless pipe & Welded pipe


Bending Radius and Angle can be adjusted within a certain range


Pipe heated uniformly by Induction Machine brings Good Quality of bent pipe:


  very less Distortion, very less Wall Reduction, and good Ovality


Pipe heated fast by Induction Machine brings High Efficiency, Low operating cost


and Low Energy Consumption


Can be operated Automatically & Manually


Whole machine is controlled by PLC with Touch Panel


Infrared Thermometer controls heating temperature and can Record


All operations and parameters can be set and monitored on the console


Everything can be controlled from the console: Induction Heating System, Hydraulic System, Bending speed, Heating Power and Oil Pressure


Bending Speed can be monitored on the console.


Realized smart program control and safety management


Display heating temperature, pushing speed, and induction power supply in real-time


Realized fault alarm, length, and angle control of pipe bending.

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