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Precautions for safe operation of tractors for spring ploughing

Jul. 05, 2024

1. Before starting the tractor, check the lubricating oil, fuel, coolant and tire pressure, etc., and confirm that all parts of the tractor are safe and in good technical condition;

2. Before starting the tractor, observe whether the readings of each instrument and the lights are normal, whether there is water leakage, oil leakage, air leakage and abnormal sound in each part, and confirm the engine idle speed and the highest speed of idling; observe whether there are people or obstacles around; when starting with agricultural machinery, the power of agricultural machinery should be separated; when carrying lifting machinery, the machinery should be raised to a safe height;

3. When driving on the road, road traffic safety regulations should be observed;

4. When the farm tractor is towing a trailer, the trailer's light signals, brakes, safety protection and other devices should meet national standards;

5. When attaching agricultural implements, the driver and operator should work closely with the person assisting in the attachment, and the agricultural implements can be attached only after the agricultural tractor has stopped steadily, and the safety pin should be inserted and the limit bar chain should be adjusted;

6. When transferring suspended agricultural implements, the agricultural implements should be raised to the highest position, and at the same time Use the locking device of the hydraulic system or suspension mechanism to fix the implement;

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7. The suspended implement should be lowered to the ground before troubleshooting or replacing parts. If it must be operated in the raised state, it should be locked in the raised position and supported firmly with supports;

8. Before working in the field, the work site should be surveyed and obstacles should be cleared. Personnel not related to the work should leave the work site;

9. During the operation, the mud and weeds on the implement should not be removed by hands or feet. The vehicle should be stopped and the engine should be turned off when cleaning;

10. When it is necessary to check the implement or engine, the power output shaft power should be cut off first;

11. During use, if the engine or transmission box has abnormal sounds or abnormal odors; the engine lubricating oil pressure drops to an abnormal range; the engine speed increases abnormally, the throttle control fails, etc., the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection;

12. If the cooling water (or antifreeze) boils, the operation should be stopped immediately, and the engine should be operated at a low speed under no-load state until the temperature drops before stopping. Do not unscrew the water tank cap when the temperature is high to avoid burns;

13. When repairing mountain tractors, you must use original parts with qualified quality.


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