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How does a magnetic agitator work?

A magnetic agitator uses magnetic forces to stir and mix liquids in a container. It consists of a rotating magnetic stir bar (also known as a magnetic bead or flea) and a stationary magnetic field generator, usually called a stir plate.

When the stir bar is placed in the liquid, it is subjected to the magnetic field generated by the stir plate. This creates a rotational force on the stir bar, causing it to spin rapidly. As the stir bar rotates, it creates a circulating flow in the liquid, which results in the stirring and mixing of the contents of the container.


The speed of the stirring can be controlled by adjusting the strength of the magnetic field generated by the stir plate. The direction of stirring can also be changed by reversing the magnetic field.

Magnetic agitators are commonly used in laboratories for mixing small volumes of liquids, and they have several advantages over other types of agitators, including ease of use, versatility, and safety. Since the magnetic stir bar does not come into direct contact with the container or the liquid, there is no risk of contamination, and the stir bar can be easily removed and reused.


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