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Features and Applications of Induction Heating Equipment

Sep. 05, 2022

Before the advent of induction heating technology, metals and non-metals were heated by devices using gas or oil as energy sources. Compared with these two traditional heating devices, Induction Heating Devices has many significant features:

(1) Fast heating rate and high heating temperature.

(2) Less loss of iron chips.

(3) Fast start-up speed.

(4) Energy saving and high production efficiency.

(5) Can be partially heated, workpiece heating even hook, good product quality.

(6) Easy to control temperature, easy to realize automatic control.

(7) Safe, quiet and clean working environment.

(8) Induction heating equipment covers an area of less, easy to maintain

Induction Heating Equipment

Induction Heating Equipment

It is because of the above outstanding features of induction heating equipment, induction heating technology is widely used in the metal industry, specific uses are:

(1) Preheating before metal processing. Induction heating is widely used in forging and extrusion processes, such as the preheating of silver alloys, steel and rare metals such as titanium and nickel before processing.

(2) Heat treatment of metals. Induction heating equipment can heat treatment of metals, such as Induction Hardening of steel, induction tempering and induction pyrotechnics, with the function of local heating.

(3) Melting. Compared with the traditional heating methods, induction heating methods to dissolve steel and non-ferrous metals better, the advantage is that the dissolution of even hook, and can extend the life.

(4) glow joint. High-frequency induction welding can make the heating energy concentrated in the dry point, fast and energy saving, fully embodies the characteristics of induction heating can be local heating.

(5) Curing of organic coating. Induction heating equipment can be used to curing of organic coatings, such as metal coatings on the metal surface, and then induction heating equipment to wipe the coating and curing.

(6) Bonding. Induction heating technology can be used to bond clutch plates and alarm tiles of automobiles.

(7) It can also be used for tin plating, sintering and semiconductor fabrication, etc.

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