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Choosing the Right Tire Shredder Machine

Sep. 08, 2023

If you run a tire recycling enterprise, you might need to disassemble bulky tires into manageable fragments. This is where a tire shredding machine comes in handy. It efficiently transforms sizable rubber and tires into smaller chips or powder, which is a vital part of the tire pre-processing stage. A tire shredder also simultaneously separates rubber, steel wire, and fiber. If youre keen on optimizing your tire usage, consider getting this versatile and proven industrial shredder from Hebei Fangtai plastic machinery manufacture Co., Ltd.


Potential Applications of Tire Chips and Powder


Tire shredders generate tiny chips and powder from tires. So, whats next? How do you turn these products into a source of profit? Lets explore the myriad uses they provide, with the hope of fostering success in your tire recycling venture.


Uses of tire chips:


Component in road construction materials

Pyrolysis fuel oil production

Asphalt paving for roads, playgrounds, sports grounds, and tracks

Manufacture of furniture, flooring, bags, belts, and shoes

Uses of tire powder:


Basic material for items like pads, fenders, damping materials, and other low-end products

Used for road construction

Ingredient for shoe soles, with the addition of a certain quantity of rubber powder


Non-recycled tires result in wasted resources. By recycling and reusing, scrap tires can replace various other materials. The derived tire chips and powder are also easier to market, potentially leading to substantial profit. Rather than dumping tire waste in landfills, consider recycling. For the most effective machinery, such as a Tire Grinding Machine, reach out to CM Shredders to mitigate environmental pollution.


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