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what is capsule filling equipment?

Mar. 19, 2021

Capsules are easy-to-swallow containers that come in different shapes and are used to administer different types of medications and nutrients.

There are two main types of capsules that you can choose from including.

- Hard gelatin capsules

You will use a fully automatic capsule filling machine to produce hard gelatin capsules, where the process of making the shell and filling takes place in different stages.

It can be easily adapted to all capsule filling applications as they are easier to fill with different internal filling materials.

Most hard gelatine or two-piece capsules have two parts, including the capsule body and capsule cover.

- Soft Gelatin Capsules

You will be producing soft gelatin capsules from one material. Meaning that soft gelatin capsules are produced and filled at the same time. Soft capsules are best suited for non-aqueous solutions and will melt as soon as they reach the stomach.

So what is automatic capsule filling machine?

Capsule filling equipment is a device that can be used to fill a variety of substances that you can fill into empty capsules, including medications or nutrients.

You can use different types of capsule filling machines, especially for different applications.

- Pharmaceutical companies

- Local pharmacies

- Users of nutritional supplements and natural herbs.

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 What are the benefits of automatic capsule filling equipment?

- Cost-effective

Using a capsule filling machine can save you a lot of money that you can spend on other tedious capsule filling practices. Commercially, you will save on high labor costs if you are using a fully automatic capsule filling machine.

- Easy to use and maintain

The process of using a capsule filling machine is simple and straightforward because all you need to do is follow the instructions.

It becomes easier especially when you use a fully automatic capsule filling machine as it can perform most of the functions.

It comes with a PLC control panel that makes it easy to configure, control and monitor the machine.

Maintenance costs are also low as most machines have a self-diagnostic system that will alert you for proper maintenance.

- Make unique capsules

You can easily create unique capsules with different ingredients and shapes according to your requirements. You are free to choose the type of internal filling material of the capsule as well as its shape.

- Realize mass production

With all production elements in hand, you can easily produce capsules on a large scale.

With a fully automatic capsule filling machine, you can save time and money on mass production of capsules.

- Scalable equipment

Depending on the type of technology, capsule filling machines can be easily upgraded.

Most fully automatic capsule filling machines have upgraded features to increase production speed and efficiency.

- Economical production model

Using a capsule filling machine eliminates material wastage as it is precise and error-free in the filling process.

Here are some of the disadvantages you may encounter when using a capsule filling machine:

- High investment costs

The cost of purchasing and installing a fully automatic capsule filling machine is high.

You need to prepare a lot of warehouse space to install the machine, which increases the cost.

On top of that, you may need to train your workers or higher professionals to help with the machine operation.

- Limited portability

This factor depends on the type of capsule filling machine equipment you are using.

The larger the machine and the more automated it is, the less portable it will be.

Meaning that manual capsule filling machines are more portable compared to fully automatic capsule filling machines.

Fully automatic capsule filling machines are larger and heavier, thus limiting the movement from one place to another.


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