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What are the common materials and applications of slurry pump flow parts

Slurry pumps are widely used in mining, metallurgy, power coal, building materials, chemical industry, environment and other industries to transport solid-liquid mixtures containing particles. The slurry pump relies on the motor to drive the impeller to rotate at a high speed, which generates centrifugal force and sends the material out. During its operation, the overcurrent parts are subject to the erosion, wear and corrosion of the material. Therefore, the wear-resisting and anti-corrosion performance of the overflow parts of the slurry pump is an important indicator to measure the quality of the slurry pump. For a long time, my country has been researching and developing wear-resistant materials for slurry pump flow parts. At present, the most commonly used wear-resistant materials for slurry pumps mainly include four categories: cast iron, ceramic rubber and composite materials.

1. Cast iron materials

The wear resistance of slurry pump flow parts to particles depends on the hardness of the alloy. Only materials with high shear hardness and high compressive strength can improve the wear resistance of pump flow parts. At present, white cast iron is the main material for slurry pump impeller selection at home and abroad, including common white cast iron, nickel hard white cast iron and common high chromium white cast iron. However, the carbides of ordinary white cast iron are mainly reticulated cementite, and the matrix structure is mainly pearlite, which has low hardness, impact toughness and wear resistance. Moreover, the electrode potential difference between each phase is large, and the electrochemical corrosion is more serious, so it is used less as a pump impeller.


Among the flow parts of slurry pumps in my country, ordinary high-chromium white cast iron is the most widely used. Although ordinary high-chromium white cast iron has high wear resistance, its toughness is poor and cannot withstand large solid particles. , During high-speed scouring, it is easy to cause the impeller surface material to fall off, causing the section to be easily corroded and deformed. The use of nickel hard white cast iron is very small, because of the scarcity of nickel resources in my country, and the high price of nickel, so it is not widely used.

2. Ceramic slurry pump

Ceramic wear-resistant material has high hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, but its brittleness is large, and it is easily damaged when used in slurry pump flow parts, so it is rarely used. Generally, a surface coating method is adopted to form a ceramic coating on the metal surface.

3. Rubber material

The rubber slurry pump is suitable for conveying materials with particles less than 10mm (average particle size is 3mm). For example, the wear-resistant rubber slurry pump produced by Yantai Xinhai Wear-resistant Rubber Industry Company is widely used in the mining industry.

4. Composite materials

The composite material has better comprehensive performance. The composite material with ceramic particles as reinforcing phase and high-carbon low-alloy white cast iron as matrix has high hardness and strong impact resistance. There's some left

Composite materials of other compositions, but the above conforming materials have not been applied in actual production.

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