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Ultimate Guide for Buying Best Paint Brushes

Nov. 24, 2022

Choosing the right paint brush plays an important role in the speed and quality of your work, as the results do vary depending on the type of paint brush you use. If you don't have a quality paint paint brush to hand, the work will look terrible.


It is important to remember that a good paint brush can be used again and again when it is properly maintained. You need to keep your paint brushes in tip-top condition.


But what size paint brush do you actually need for different types of paint applications? We've put together a quick guide to help you fill your decorating toolbox with all the quality paint brushes you need to get the job done successfully.

Paint Brush

What to consider when choosing the best paint brushes

Paint brushes are made from different materials and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit specific products and tasks. Here's how to determine what's right for your job.



Paint brush bristles fall into two main categories: natural, which are recommended for oil-based paints, and synthetic, which are best suited to water-based paints.


Natural paint brushes are made from animal hair, such as pig or badger hair - fibres with microscopic fissures that hold more product to create a smooth surface. Choose natural bristle paint brushes when applying oil-based paints and finishes, varnishes, insect gum, decorative chalk paint (antique look), enamels and polyurethane. Applying furniture wax with a round natural bristle paint brush also gives good results.


Synthetic paint brushes made from high quality polyester or nylon and polyester blends are more suitable for latex (water-based) paints as the natural bristles will absorb water and become soft and ineffective. Low VOC and non-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints, most of which are based on acrylic latex, are also best applied with synthetic paint brushes. Both natural and synthetic paint brushes can be used for many years if they are thoroughly cleaned and dried after each use: remove excess paint, wash with soapy water, rinse with water and leave to dry on a flat surface.

Purple Filament Chalk Paint Brush

Purple Filament Chalk Paint Brush


There are three main types of paint brush, each designed for a different use and surface area.


Square Cut: 4 to 6 inch square cut wall paint brushes are ideal for large, flat surfaces both internally and externally. Use the large wall paint brushes to paint walls, flat doors and wall panels. With a good quality wall paint brush, you don't need a roller - and you can even save on paint because the paint brush is more precise.


Angle sash: This paint brush is designed to paint window frames that fit inside the frame and allow the panes to move up and down. This means that this short-handled angled paint brush is perfect for all kinds of detail work, as it is easy to handle and extremely stable. Use it to paint recesses, panels, edges and corners - and to get around obstacles, such as the back of a toilet.


Round sash: These smaller paint brushes range in size from 20 to 40 mm. They are the perfect paint paint brush for decorative paintings (e.g. faux finishes) and furniture (e.g. chair and table legs) because the circular arrangement of the bristles facilitates 3D painting.

The Ceiling Paint Brush

The Ceiling Paint Brush

Paintpaint brush Sizes

Paintpaint brushes are generally between 2.5cm (1") and 15.2cm (6") wide.

Larger paint brushes can hold more paint, cover more surface area and draw wider lines than smaller paint brushes. Choose from.


10.2 to 15.2 cm (4-6 in) wide flat sash paint brushes for open, flat surfaces such as long, continuous walls and garage doors.

7.6 to 10.2 cm (3-4 in) wide flat window frame paint brush for large flat surfaces such as walls, doors and bookshelves.

6.4 cm (2 ½ in) flat window sash paint brush for narrower flat surfaces such as wide trim, cabinet doors or baseboards.


Smaller paint brushes give you better control. 

A 5 cm (2 in) wide sash paint brush for cutting corners.

A 2.5 - 6.4 cm (1-2 ½ in) corner sash paint brush for colouring woodwork and mouldings as well as items requiring precision, such as details for carving or decorative work.

Natural Bristle Flat Paint Brush

Natural Bristle Flat Paint Brush

Useful hints

Prevent fatigue and reduce hand cramps with a paint brush that has a really comfortable grip. The size of your hand, the size of the handle and the overall weight are all important considerations.



Top quality paint brushes provide smoother, fuller coverage and a perfect finish, and although they are expensive (depending on paint brush size and bristle material), they can last up to 20 years. The "flagged" bristles - with slightly separated ends - hold more paint and provide optimum coverage.


Bend the tips of the bristles to ensure they spring back into shape. Bristles should also be shorter on the outside and longer towards the centre to create precision and control. Finally, the bristles should be 50% longer than the width of the paint brush itself to absorb the ideal amount of paint while providing maximum coverage and control.

Synthetic Filament Paint Brush

Synthetic Filament Paint Brush

Our top choice

Choosing the correct paint brush is essential for a smooth finish. However, if you want a perfect finish, you need the right technique in addition to the right paint brush. Thankfully, we can help you pick the best paint brushes for your project. We have tested all of our top choices in each category and recommend these paint brushes to finish your painting project correctly.


1. Wood Handle Angle Paint brush

High quality bristles will produce smooth, full coverage. Tip: Store paint brushes in wax-coated packaging after use to restore bristles to their original condition and prevent mould growth.


Provides ample coverage on walls. The wooden handle is comfortable to hold. This is a solid wall paint brush for painting walls, smearing stains on fences and much more. Wood Handle Angle Paint paint brush is a great paint paint brush to take with you for larger painting jobs.


-The short handle angle paint paint brush.

-The hair use the natural bristle with high absorbing and releasing .

-The handle :birch or custom .

-The size :1 inch/2 inch/3inch

Wood Handle Angle Paint Brush

Wood Handle Angle Paint Brush


-Better paint absorption and release performance; More comfortable feel; Easier to clean; Better quality; More competitive price.


If you buy this kind of paint brush, you can enjoy a better use experience with a lower price.


Click here to pick up your professional angle paint brush.


2. 3P Set Angle Paint paint brush

Natural bristle paint brushes are perfect for oil-based paints and stains. They are softer and more flexible, absorbing heavier paints and stains and distributing them over the surface.The Qianmiao 3P Set Angle Paint paint brush is made with a high quality plastic handle for comfort and durability.


3P Set Angle Paint Brush

We find the Qianmiao 3P Set Angle paint brush ideal for applying oil-based products to trim and other wooden furniture. This paint brush is best suited for applying oil-based paints, bug glue, varnishes, lacquers, stains and sealers to wood.


-The 3pic set angle paint paint brush.

-The hair use the tapered filament with high absorbing and releasing .

-The color : gray,red,blue,white,golden and custom.

-The handle :poplar with varnish or custom .

-The size :1 inch/2 inch//3inch


Click here to pick up your 3-inch professional paint brush.


3. Natural bristle round Paintpaint brush

When it comes to trim, mouldings, windows and tight spaces, Qianmiao natural bristle round paint brush it is designed for low VOC paints which are thicker and more difficult to apply than traditional emulsion paints.


The bristles of the Qianmiao natural bristle round paint brush are very strong and ideal for fine work on distressed or slightly rough surfaces. In our tests, the bristles held the paint well and distributed it evenly over the surface. The paint brushes are light in weight and comfortable in the hand. As part of our paint paint brushes, it is a durable and reliable paint brush.

Natural Bristle Round Paint Brush

Natural Bristle Round Paint Brush


-The paint brush can use to the wall, the sash window, the ceiling, the furniture, the stairs, the floor and so on;

-The professional painters; DIY.



-The paint brush specifications

-The size can customized according to customers

Click here to pick up your 3P Set Angle paint brush



-The good quality plastic handle; the ferrule; the good quality bristle; the epoxy glue;


How do I care for my paint brushes?

Step 1.

We can Try to use burrs or old newspapers to clean the paint off the paint brushes.


Because these two types of paper have better absorption properties, so there is less paint left behind, less friction and less damage to the paint brushes.

Chip Brush

Chip Brush

Step 2.

After painting, we can try cleaning the paint brush with warm water and a little detergent or soap. Rub the bristles in the palm of your hand in one direction until the paint is completely washed away.


Step 3.

Keep as dry as possible after washing.


Step 4.

After drying, it is a good idea to use linen, a type of canvas that we normally use for painting,.

Wrap the paint brushes and tie rubber bands around the ends.


Why wrap them in cloth?

Because there is still some oil left after the paint brushes have been painted.

It is easy for the wind to break them.

It may look like a lot of work, but it's quick and easy.

Now do you know how to protect your paint brushes?

A good paint brush is important for an artist, no matter what the brand or price point.

May every artist keep their favourite paint brushes for as long as possible!















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