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Solar skylight guide-Did you know?

Jan. 04, 2023

What is happening in the market right now, the changes are as follows: We think it is important to state that these products are not really skylight products. They do not provide natural light, they are just a solar LED. this is a very new and unregulated market and we have started to see a large number of overseas imports that any business can sell. These solar skylights range in price from $50 to $650 and, as with all solar products, the price impact depends largely on the quality of the panels.

These new solar skylights try to compare their products to 'traditional skylights' when in fact they should be trying to compare their products to 'light globes'

 solar panel skylight

Solar skylights versus LEDs.

Standard LED shades can be fitted into almost any light fixture, so let's look at the cost. To find a solar skylight that offers adequate performance similar to any LED light bulb, you should pay at least $250. At such a low price, your warranty will be around 1-3 years. Now compare this to two 10W LED bulbs, purchased and running for 10+ years (according to the Australian Government) at a total cost of $39 per bulb (each).

Seems like an expensive option to save turning off your own lights


We are passionate about daylight and understand the great benefits it can bring to your home and family.

Finally, if you are deciding between buying a "solar skylight" (solar LED lights) or a "conventional skylight", even if there is no technology that allows us to overcome all the problems associated with conventional skylights. We still believe that even natural light through conventional skylights is a better option than LED lighting, and the Australian Building Code agrees.


What are the problems with solar 'skylights'?


Warranty - these products are full of electrical components and some offer a 'long term warranty', these always exclude specific parts.

Be aware of cheap imported products - some have been recalled due to potential fire hazards in your home.

Over time, solar panels can lose their efficiency.

If you cover any part of the solar panel, such as leaves or dirt, the efficiency can drop dramatically or even stop working.

Unfortunately, these manufacturers try to sell these products as "solar skylights" when they understand the impact they may have on the health of their customers.


What is the role of natural light and artificial light?

The role of natural light - is it to improve living conditions and the well-being of the homeowner, or to protect the occupants from disease or loss of amenities as described in the building regulations.


The real role of artificial light is to protect us from harm - in short, they ensure that we don't hurt ourselves at night because we can't see where we're going.


The "solar skylights" (solar LEDs) only operate during the day. So what's the point of us asking this question?

solar panel skylight

If this way you can see what you want to take out of your pantry or walk-in closet, then it would cost a lot of money in order that you don't have to turn on the light switch.


If you are still unsure of the substantial benefits of natural light versus these 'solar skylights', then ask yourself why you always want to sit near a cafe or restaurant window even if you can't see the view at all. If you want to try again, find two dark rooms, put a plant in each, then put a tubular skylight in one room and a 'solar skylight' in the other. We'll let you see (or assume) what happens.


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