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Semi-automatic or Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine

May. 21, 2021

Semi-Automatic or Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine: 

Which Is The Best for Your Business?

What is packaging machine?

The term packaging machine is a combination of multiple machines covering multiple industries. From large to small, from packaging liquids to pellets, from weighing and protecting products to transportation and storage, there are thousands of packaging machines. What is the difference between them and how we choose the best? We have an article devoted to this issue - what is the best packaging machine for you?

In 1954, Giulio Natta and Karl Rehn invented polypropylene.

In 1982, polyolefin shrink films were widely used commercially, and the first packaging machine was already in use.

in 2005, the UK, The future of packaging machinery seems to have arrived

There are two main types of shrink wrap machines.

Automatic Shrink wrap Machines

The automatic shrink packaging machine provides the ultimate use experience in terms of performance and function, and is an ideal solution for large and medium-sized companies that need to integrate the machine into the production line. 

Semi Automatic Shrink wrap Machines

Semi-automatic packaging machines are usually designed to increase productivity, requiring operators to load products and activate each packaging process. 

This machine separates the sealing and shrinking cycles to speed up the operation. The operator first inserts the product into the shrink film folded in half; uses the L-shaped sealing machine to seal, and then seals in the compact shrink channel. 

How much does a shrink wrap machine cost?


In order to answer this question, we need first understand the basics of shrink packaging. To use shrink wrap machine to package products, users need three things: shrink films, sealing machine and heating element.

The two most common types of film used for packaging are PVC and polyolefin. In this artical - The complete guide to shrink films, you will understand it clearly.

After the product is inserted, a sealing machine can be used to seal the open end of the film. 

After the open end is sealed, a heating source can be used to heat the film. The heat from the heating element is the heat that shrinks the film to conform to the product being wrapped.

sealing machine


The L-Bar sealing machine can wrap the center folding shrink film better than the I-Bar sealing machine.The L-type sealing machine has two sealing strips, which are used to seal the two open ends of the shrink film. The L-Bar sealing machine can be used for medium and high-volume operations.

Semi automatic L-Bar sealing machines require the operator to insert the product into the film and open and close the sealing strip. These combined systems are very efficient, allowing users to seal thousands of products every day. The price depends on the additional accessories for each system. 


The automatic L-shaped sealing machine is used for fully automatic high-power production.Automatic L-bar systems are fully automatic machine used by large companies to pack large quantities of shrink-wrapped products up to 1,400 per hour!There are also many kinds of accessories available, and many kinds of machines available. 

The specific cost depends on

What is your production level or projected production level?

What is the size of the largest item to be packed?

What kind of shrink wrap do you plan to use?


If you have specific questions about automatic shrink wrap machines, semi automatic shrink machines and prices, pls join us. Here are some recommendations of automatic and sem automatic shrink wrap machine products for your reference.

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