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Overview of the development of pesticide intermediate industry

Nov. 24, 2022

China is the world's main producer and supplier of pesticide fine chemical intermediates, and its development prospects are very broad. This article will discuss the development status, industry development characteristics, technical level and other dimensions of pesticide intermediates in my country.

Overview of the development of my country's pesticide intermediate industry

The production of the pesticide intermediate industry stems from the international division of labor in the context of economic globalization. Due to the complex production technology of pesticide products, lengthy process links and fast update speed, no enterprise can maintain a relative cost advantage in the entire R&D, production and sales links. Therefore, international multinational companies make full use of the mobility of global resources, reposition and allocate industrial chain resources, and focus their efforts on R&D and sales, while shifting production links in the industrial chain to countries with relative cost advantages and technological foundations (Such as China and India), followed by these countries have produced enterprises focused on intermediate production.

There are many kinds of pesticides. Pyridine is one of the most widely developed and applied varieties among heterocyclic compounds. Pyridine pesticides and intermediate products have broad application prospects and development potential. With the increase in the production of pyridine in my country, the supply of pyridine is no longer tight, which has created good conditions for the development and innovation of the downstream pyridine intermediates and pesticides and industrial applications. The chlorantraniliprole (Kang Kuan) invented by DuPont in the United States is currently one of the largest pesticide products in the world, and the compound patent of chlorantraniliprole expires in 2021, the product has a broad market in China air.

Industry development characteristics

Pesticide intermediates belong to the typical weak cyclic industry. Pesticide intermediates are greatly affected by downstream pesticides. Pesticides are mainly affected by weather and geographical environment, so they are weakly affected by economic cycles. The production of intermediates requires a wide variety of raw materials. The production process is long and the product itself does not have end uses. Therefore, it must be closely coordinated with the product manufacturer. Therefore, intermediate enterprises with similar properties or complementary to each other form industrial clusters in areas with sufficient raw material supply and close to downstream markets. At present, fine chemical enterprises mainly gather in areas with relatively developed supporting industries such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shandong. So it is regional. The pesticide industry has obvious seasonal characteristics. Generally speaking, the first half of each year is the peak period of pesticide production, and March-September is the peak period of pesticide use. Correspondingly, considering the production cycle and the need to maintain inventory, the peak season for the production and sales of pesticide intermediates generally appears in the fourth quarter and the first quarter.

Industry technical level and technical characteristics

The pesticide intermediate industry is a knowledge-intensive and technology-intensive industry. Its products have the characteristics of many synthetic steps and long production process, and must have advanced process control technology and scientific and rigorous management. The research and development of an intermediate product, from product laboratory synthesis to small-scale, pilot-scale production and final large-scale production, requires the coordination and comprehensive application of multi-disciplinary knowledge, permeating various technologies and testing methods. In addition, the core competitiveness of intermediate product technology is reflected in the selection of chemical reaction processes, process control and the selection of core catalysts. Enterprises using different technologies differ greatly in production efficiency and product quality.

In recent years, the technical level of China's intermediate industry has been significantly improved in terms of independent innovation capability and international competitiveness. Some of the technical levels are close to the international advanced level. However, compared with foreign developed countries, the overall independent innovation capability still has obvious difference. At present, China's intermediate industry technology has the following characteristics: a. It has conventional intermediate production technology and good product quality; b. gradually changes from original imitation to independent innovation; c. begins to focus on clean production technology and circular economy The research and development of production technology focuses on popularizing and developing various unit reaction processes, such as continuous nitrification, hydrogenation reduction, sulfur trioxide sulfonation, membrane filtration, raw slurry drying, and multi-effect evaporation.

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