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Mask Making Machine for Medical Use: Something You Must Know Before Buying

Jun. 22, 2021

mask making machine

The mask making machine is an electro mechanical device for making disposable masks of various capacities. You can use it to make disposable masks. The materials include non-woven fabrics, activated carbon and filter materials. The forming technology of masks is complex, mainly including roll material feeding, folding and pressing, nose bridge smoothing, mask forming, mask cutting, automatic punching, and automatic collection. In the entire process from raw materials to mask forming, the essential components are as follows:

What are the Parts of Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machine?

The automatic medical mask making machine is composed of different parts, which coordinate and work together when manufacturing medical masks.

  • Feeding system

This is the part that automatically feeds the raw materials( non-woven fabric with proper air permeability and better filtration) into the surgical mask making machine.It can determine the correct quantity and size that should be fed into the machine.

  • electronic system

This is the main unit that provides enough power for the mask making machine. It has fuses and switches to control the amount of electricity flowing through the machine.

  • Forming system

The system consists of different types of components and is responsible for the cutting and shaping of surgical masks. It can change the correct size of the surgical mask you need by adjusting the program code.

  • Welding splicing system

This part is responsible for stitching all parts of the mask together. A high-quality mask will use different stitching techniques to stitch the various parts of the mask together.

  • Transportation System

Transportation system is composed of a guardrail and conveyor system, which can transport materials to various stations. This includes moving the final product all the way to the discharge port.

  • Printing System

The machine has the ability to print surgical masks with different forms of information, and can print information such as eligibility standards and mask models. The use of verified information to mark surgical masks depends on the printing system.

  • Inspection system

After the manufacturing process is completed, the machine must check the quality of the surgical mask. The quality of surgical masks is checked by the inspection unit according to the production specifications. In addition, it will classify them into various shapes and sizes before passing through the discharge unit.

  • Discharge unit

You will receive the final mask product from the surgical mask manufacturing machine through the discharging device. It will release the final product for further processing, which is the final packaging of the mask.

The video will give a more detailed introduction.



Before you consider which manufacturer to initiate an inquiry, you must first understand the basic composition of mask making machine in order to know what your specific needs for mask making machine are, and then consult these issues with the supplier in a more targeted manner. Before deciding to start the mask production business, you should also understand some of the current policies and regulations for mask manufacturing. Please refer to it. It is necessary to start this business after obtaining industry approval and product qualification


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