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How to Choose the Right Automatic Filling Machine

Jun. 23, 2022

In recent years, along with the rapid development of the food and beverage market, the demand for product filling speed and efficiency is getting higher and higher. At the same time, due to the improvement of people's concept of healthy diet and the country's continuous strengthening of food and beverage quality and safety supervision, so how to improve the efficiency of food and beverage filling while ensuring product filling quality is particularly important. In this context, automatic filling equipment plays an important role in improving the filling speed, efficiency and quality of filling process.


How to Choose the Right Automatic Filling Machine


What is automatic filling equipment

Automatic filling equipment is a sub-category of the protection of mechanical equipment, mainly food, beverage, syrup and other products automatically filled into the corresponding packaging materials, which has a fast filling speed, high efficiency, accurate quantitative filling, easy to operate, small size and other characteristics. However, the current automatic filling equipment on the market, in terms of the variety of liquid filling machines, powder filling machines, paste filling machines, granule filling machines, as well as atmospheric pressure filling machines, pressure filling machines, vacuum filling machines, etc.. For this reason, it becomes very important to choose the right machine.


How to Choose the Right Automatic Filling Machine


For companies in the field of food and beverage processing and manufacturing, it is also vital to choose the right filling equipment for efficient production, maintaining stable capacity and saving maintenance costs.


How can food and beverage processing companies choose the right automatic filling equipment?

1. Choose according to the product category. 

For example, low-viscosity products without gas, including drinking water, milk, yogurt, liquor, wine and other products can choose atmospheric filling machine. And choose pressure filling machine for the production of soft drinks, soda, beer, champagne and other drinks containing steam. If the oil, syrup, fruit wine and other products recommended to choose vacuum filling machine.


2. The brand of the filling machine

Users should choose the regular manufacturers of products, that is with mature technology and stable quality. Remember to choose miscellaneous machines for the sake of cheap, otherwise poor compatibility, filling speed and quality is unstable, but also prone to failure, the follow-up will increase the cost of many inputs. Third, cost-effective is an important principle, the user in the choice of automatic filling equipment, to compare three, in order to meet the needs of the product filling process while choosing the best choice.


How to Choose the Right Automatic Filling Machine


3. The principle of production process.

For example, according to the nature of the filling material (gas content, foaming, volatility, viscosity, etc.) to choose the right machine, such as aromatic more concentrated liquor, in order to avoid loss of volatile aromatic substances, can use the cup type or atmospheric pressure filling machine; for juice liquid, in order to reduce contact with air, to prevent oxidation, to ensure product quality, it should be used to fill the vacuum plus juice type filling machine. Note that the production capacity of the filling machine and before and after the process, production capacity to match.


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