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Mar. 14, 2023

Applications of Telescopic Poles


Extension poles are used for a variety of tasks, including construction and gardening. They are essentially pieces of metal with short ends joined together to form a long pole. Most of them are telescopic, which means they can be extended up to ten times their original length. These poles are available at any hardware shop and come in a variety of lengths, diameters and materials depending on your use and requirements.


Choosing between telescopic and straight extension poles

There are two types of poles on the market: telescopic and non-telescopic. Both poles are used for similar purposes, however, they differ in form and use.

Magic Duster With Extension Pole

Telescopic poles, for example, are usually intended for easy storage and transport. They can also be extended and folded as required to suit the length required for the job. Non-telescopic extensions, meanwhile, are permanent and non-removable extensions. As they come in a one-piece form, they can be used without having to be stretched or retracted.


Non-telescopic poles provide support, stability and security when working near large structures or taller trees. Telescopic ones, on the other hand, can offer convenience and ease of use.


Water Fed Pole System

Buying extension poles

Extension poles are used to extend the range to different areas of your house. Many types of extension poles are available to suit a variety of needs. Again, there are several things you should consider before purchasing an extension pole. These include, but are not limited to, length, height, material etc.



Generally speaking, the size of an extension pole should be determined by the height of the area you are trying to reach. Extension poles should be a few feet in length for indoor use and over 15 feet for outdoor use. Make sure you purchase the right size for your needs; for example, getting a light bulb indoors only requires a few feet, while getting a kite down from a tree requires at least a 10-foot pole.


Telescopic Tree Pruner


You will need to choose the right material for you and your needs. Metal poles are a popular choice because they can withstand a lot of wear and tear. This makes aluminium extension poles an excellent choice for cheap, durable and easy access.



The weight of the rod is also important, as bulky rods can be difficult to manoeuvre. A precise and firm grip is particularly important in technical operations such as changing light bulbs. Look for something sturdy and lightweight to ensure you do your chores efficiently.


 Water Fed Pole Brush


Non-slip grip

A non-slip pad or surface is another must-have feature. Whatever the task, this prevents the lever from slipping out of your hand, while also making it safer and helping to avoid accidents.



To get the most out of your pole, look for a pole that can be fitted brush with a variety of tool heads. Instead of buying a bunch of large tools, you can simply buy a specific attachment and attach it.


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