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Application of slurry pump in Coal Preparation Plant

Mar. 28, 2022

Slurry pumps are widely used in the transportation of slurry water, circulating water, coal slurry and heavy medium suspension. As an important auxiliary equipment in the process of coal preparation plant, the operation of slurry pump directly affects the normal operation of production system. There are two kinds of slurry pumps commonly used in coal washing plant: Horizontal single-stage centrifugal pump and vertical single-stage pump.

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1. Slurry pump: pump the medium suspension in the hopper (according to the specified density) into the shallow tank heavy medium separation tank for the separation of raw coal.

2. Gravel pump: pump the dilute medium suspension in the dilute medium barrel into the magnetic separator for magnetic separation, and recover the concentrate (medium) after magnetic separation to the combined medium barrel.

3. Vortex pump: pump the slime in the slime bucket into the cyclone separator of the slime thickener for separation.

4. Horizontal pump: send the underground water pump to the thin medium barrel.

5. Water pump: the clear water clarified in the concentrator is pumped into the water washing system to spray water to remove medium and screen, and make up water for the system.

6. Underflow pump: concentrate the high concentration coal slurry water in the tank and pump it into the water washing system of coal slurry mixing drum.

7. Vertical slurry pump: pump high concentration coal slurry into the filter press to realize the separation of coal slurry and water.

8. Filtrate pump: the filtrate treated by the filter press circulates into the filtrate drum and is pumped to the concentration tank by the filtrate pump.

Generally, medium-sized coal preparation plants will be equipped with dozens or even hundreds of slurry pumps to form a complete coal washing process.


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