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Application of DC Small size portable water chiller

Oct. 14, 2022

Small water chiller use DC power supply, using coolant as heat transfer medium, transferring heat generated by other instruments or equipment that need to be cooled, and dissipating heat to the outside  of the equipment through the refrigeration system, thus ensuring that theequipment works within the normal temperature range.  

The cooling machine and the instrument and equipment rely on the pump pressure to form a closed medium circulation, and the temperature sensor detects the medium temperature to implement the control of the refrigerator. If you have any question on small water chiller, please consult us.

DC Small size portable water chiller


The small water chiller is a micro refrigeration system that especially applies to a microclimate cooling system and provides extraordinary cooling capacity for the extremely hot environment and confined space.

1.It applies for microclimate cooling system and provides extraordinary cooling capacity for laser, computer, body cooling, racing, firefighter, EV battery, electronics, medical & aesthetic device.

2.They cool machines and tools during drilling, welding, milling, and other forms of metalworking, but also during tool changes. 

3.Due to their compact size, small cooling water recirculating chillers are also frequently found in laboratories. There they are used for cooling autoclaves, reactors, measuring instruments, and other objects.

Technicial parameter

Small size water cooled chiller
1Water cooled chillerModelHTB-M1.5S-24/36D
3Cooling capacityW1500
4Power consumptionW240
5Running Amps   A11.7
CompressorTypeSmall DC compressor
Starting methodDirect start
9 EvaporatorTypePlate heat exchanger
Water inlet temp (℃)24
 Water outlet temp (℃)19
Water flow rate (L/h)172
Water pipeDN10
10CondenserTypePlate heat exchanger
Water inlet temp (℃)30
 Water outlet temp (℃)35
Water flow rate (L/h)220
Water pipeDN10

DC Small size portable water chiller

Configuration table:
High Performance Spare Parts & Accessories
ItemSpecificationBrandCountry of origin
1DC Compressor Hitachi/Panasonic Japan
4Dry filterEmersonAmerica
5CapillaryCustomizedChina (Huazhao)
6Microcomputer controllerCustomizedChina (Huazhao)
7 Pressure SwitchDanfossDenmark
9Pressure gaugeSKChina


The benefits of small water chiller include ultra-small radiator and high heat flux. It does not only facilitate installation but also assures end users having excellent cooling performance. Users only need to connect the liquid inlet pipe and outlet pipe to get the chilled liquid they expected.

A Reliable Supplier for Small Water Chiller and Leading Small Cooling Solution Manufacturer

Huazhao small water chiller offers 12V, 24V, and 48V voltage input options and is compatible with various currents. It is widely applied to battery, electronics, laser, medical devices and other thermal management of precise instruments. It provides excellent cooling performance.Apart from the standard small chiller system, Huazhao also custom made or personalize small cooling modules to meet customer's special demands. Just contact us.


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